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Monday, January 06, 2014


There have been a series of protests at Hancock Air National Guard base outside of Syracuse, New York.  As a result several trials have taken place during the past couple of years.
The base switched four years ago from flying F-16 fighter jets to operating drones from Hancock Field.  The drones operated from the Syracuse base support military operations in Afghanistan.
This video includes openings by James Ricks, Ed Kinane, Clare Grady, and a short one by the prosecutor  in the Dewitt town court January 3. The trial went until shortly after midnight, but the prosecution had yet to finish its presentation. The next session will begin at 5:00 pm Monday.
Last April I took part in a protest and was arrested at Hancock.  Due to the backlog of protest trials my case has yet to come before the court for final hearing.  Not sure when that will happen.


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