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Saturday, April 20, 2013


A deeply touching and outrage-inducing documentary about contemporary Iraq from the perspective of a taxi trip through the country.

Along the way the film maker and taxi driver speak to many ordinary people who share stories of Iraq past and present.  One man said, "They [Americans] are still here....their aim is to create disorder in Iraq".  The order "to kill our best people" by death squads and militias "comes from outside the country."

In Falluja the film maker interviews a hospital administrator who reports, "In 2005 we noticed a spectacular increase in genetic malformations in new born babies."  This genocide (caused by US military white phosphorus and depleted uranium weapons) was an intentional decision by the US to clear out the population.

Many political operatives in the US government (including V-P Joesph Biden) have long called for breaking Iraq into three separate countries - divided between the Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis.

I'll never forget hearing former Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld walking out of the Pentagon and telling a reporter, "We plan everything."  That has stuck in my mind like a bad dream.

Could one possibly consider that the Bush shock and awe attack and occupation of Iraq always intended to create sectarian chaos which would lead to the balkanization of the country?  By doing this it makes it easier to negotiate oil extraction agreements with just one of the new entities.....and it helps to keep the people divided against one another while their oil is taken and their social and political structures collapse around them.

Chaos theory was used by the US-NATO to break Yugoslavia into pieces.  Chaos theory was used to "liberate" Libya to get western corporate control of  their oil - the largest source on the African continent.  Chaos theory is now in place as we witness NATO's destabilization of Syria.  Chaos theory is also being introduced by the CIA into Venezuela.

Chaos theory is being brought to us here in the USA.

It's a dirty old game. It's pure evil.


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