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Friday, April 12, 2013


Massive Antiwar-Protest @ Berlin University on April 10:
Students shouting down German Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière

German Defence Minister wanted to speak at Berlin’s Humboldt University on the role of the Bundeswehr

But students did not let him speak at all. The CDU politician finally gave up.

Dozens of students on Wednesday prevented  a speech at the Humboldt University in Berlin by German Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière. The CDU politician wanted to give a lecture on “Army of Unity – The contribution of the Bundeswehr to social cohesion”.

But right from the beginning the minister was greeted by about 300 students with rhythmic clapping and chanting as “Thomas, we love you” and was prevented from speaking. After some time, however the protesters shouted exclusively slogans like “Never again Germany”, “Germany sucks” and “No more war”.

Several groups had mobilized in recent days over the Internet to protest against the event.

De Maizière then tried to come up with the students this week, writing on a computer, “Who’s afraid to hear an argument?"  It remained just as unsuccessful as the request of University President Jan-Hendrik Olbertz.
After about half an hour the defense minister left the university.

Upon leaving de Maizière told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, “I think it is not a sign of strength, to avoid such a discussion It’s of no use.” Nevertheless, he would continue to occur at universities. “I do it gladly. Berlin is not everywhere.”


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