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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A typhoon hit Jeju Island in the last few days taking down parts of the fence around the Navy base destruction site in Gangjeong village.  The villagers will now have a full view of the damage that has been done to the sacred Gureombi rocky coastline.

This weather related "disobedience" will surely slow the whole destruction process by a step or two. 

Next up for the village will be the meeting of the World Conservation Congress that will bring about 7,000 people to Jeju.

The villagers request to address the environmental event and to have an information booth have been rejected by the conference leadership.  (The story is that conference organizers asked the South Korean government to decide on the speaking and booth requests and of course the right-wing corporate dominated government said hell no.  It's no coincidence that Samsung not only is the lead base construction contractor but is also helping to fund the conference.)

How anyone can take this WCC seriously when it is absolutely clear that they are under the control of corporate forces?  It will be interesting to see if the thousands of delegates, who have now been notified about the official snubbing of the environmental issues on Jeju Island, will have backbone enough to stand up against Samsung's lackeys who are running the show.


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