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Sunday, August 05, 2012


The grand march ended yesterday with a grand finale concert and celebration in Jeju City attended by 3,500 people.

Both east and west march teams came together at the end creating an impressive long line of march through the city.  A famous Korean comedian was the moderator for the evening program. About 20 children from the Gangjeong elementary school performed the music with okarina. The title of their songs were 'Beautiful things in the world,' and 'Rock Island.' Speakers, dancing, music and more were part of the spirited event.

The grand march was in itself a concluding event of a massive month-long push of activity throughout South Korea against the Navy base.  A candlelight vigil relay tour to 23-cities and a nationwide bicycle pilgrimage helped to promote the Grand March around Jeju Island.  

Next on the agenda will be the IUCN-hosted World Conservation Congress on Jeju Island from Sept. 6 to 15.  About 10,000 people from 180 countries will come to Jeju. There will be a huge effort undertaken by the village to get delegates from this environmental conference to come and stand with the struggling villagers.  The village "appeals to the peace-loving people in the world to have any small and big solidarity event in your regions to revoke the Jeju naval base project and/or visit the village" during that time.
Almost 600 people have been arrested trying to stop the Navy base in Gangjeong village.   

You can see many more photos from the last day of the grand march here


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