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Friday, November 18, 2011


Japan to use disaster area food for overseas aid

TOKYO — Japan will send canned foods from the areas affected by the March 11 [Fukushima] disasters to developing countries as official development assistance (ODA), the Foreign Ministry said.

Canned foods will be tested in advance for excess radiation and their safety confirmed before they are sent, the ministry said.

The ministry has applied for a budget of about 5 billion yen ($65 million) to carry out its plan, which it hopes will promote produce from the Tohoku region and also dispel rumors about Japanese food safety.

Ministry officials said they have set up a project to give priority to products made in the Tohoku Region. It is envisioning using canned mackerel as food assistance or medical equipment such as endoscopes or wheelchairs made in Tohoku.

The ministry hopes to receive funding for the project for the current fiscal year.

This is the same Japanese government that has been telling the residents in the Fukushima contamination zone that the levels of radiation they are getting are within "safe" limits. This is disgusting and evil and should be denounced.

Makiko Sato from Japan, a Global Network board member, writes: If you know some African people, please let them know about this. This can hardly be called a humanitarian aid, as it is out of government's intention only to soothe local industries in the damaged areas in Japan by buying up foods which awakened citizens here avoid buying. Additionally, it must be intended to null the normal sense of the general public here and beyond, regarding low-level dose radiation. No matter how much food is needed over there in some famine-stricken countries, it is bad and shameful for Japanese government and our industries to give away such kind of contaminated food, especially without their knowledge about it, which will surely result in serious damage to human gene in future generations. I'm afraid there may be no domestic monitoring system of such canned food for free delivery overseas.


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