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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Artists at work drawing inside state capitol
More images of how our war $$ could be spent here in Maine

Small booklets of the art work were delivered to each member of the Maine legislature and to interested people inside the capitol

We were back at it again today as about 25 artists, poets, and supporters showed up inside the State Capitol Hall of Flags in Augusta to deliver small booklets containing many of the war $$ home drawings created last Saturday at the draw-a-thon.

We found two sponsors in the Maine House and Senate that enabled us to put a booklet on the desk of each member of the State Legislature. Then we held a news conference (covered by only two newspapers) and we passed out literature and spoke with many people passing through the Hall of Flags over the three-hour period.

Having the artists right there, drawing during this time, drew many curious people over to see what we were doing.

A letter is now being circulated amongst the members of the State legislature that calls on our two representatives in the U.S. Congress to vote against further war funding. We found a couple legislators today who agreed to sponsor the letter.

So on we go with our campaign here in Maine to Bring Our War $$ Home. The next step is to deepen the amount of local activity that happens around this issue across Maine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good idea of distributing the small booklets of the art works. I guess people enjoyed it very much. And the artists finally could find one of their missions. All is beautiful with many inspiring drawings and photos. All the bless to beautiful people in Maine.

2/19/10, 9:35 AM  

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