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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Fifty women and men of Vicenza entered today in the construction site of the new US military base at Dal Molin and chained themselves to the cranes and the working machineries used to build the foundations of the military installation, and that every day are damaging the “vicentina” groundwater. Recent surveys have produced evidence of unjustified increase of water level in some residential areas.

"Today we want set legality as first priority – they declared passing the fence of the site – the construction site must stop in order to defend health, safety and history of the 'vicentina' community: groundwater resources and archeological findings must be preserved. Since the early days of this story we stated that this territory has a priceless value for the local community; but, at the same time, it's particulary fragile, delicate, because under the green carpet it preserves one of the essential elements of life, water."

Yesterday they met in an extraordinary assembley open to all the citizens of Vicenza, at the Presidio Permanente (permanent camp). Today (Monday) they will get together for a torchlight march in the streets of the city center in solidarity with the action and with the request to STOP the construction site. A file with a photo service of the condition of the construction site (under water) has been delivered to Mr Variati, Mayor of Vicenza.

You may see immages and video on

Presidio Permanente No Dal Molin

Vicenza , Italy


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