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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


My sister Joan left today to head back home to Iowa. She had a good time while here and enjoyed a long walk on the beach yesterday in perfect late summer Maine weather.

While here we froze a bunch of veggies from our prolific garden. I had the best crop of tomatoes ever. We've still got more beets than we can handle.

I've got two Chicago radio interviews this week thanks to a volunteer in that city who arranged for both of them. Good things come in bunches.

I need to get working on my talks for my up-coming trip to the Nordic countries. I leave on September 18. I've never been to that part of the world before and am very excited about the visit. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are all being pulled into the U.S. space warfare technology orbit.

Maine U.S. Senate candidate Herb Hoffman announced today that he will officially file to run as a write-in candidate after the Democrats prevailed in keeping him off the ballot. I heard that one Democratic party activist asked Rep. Tom Allen (the Democrat in the race) why they had worked so hard to keep Hoffman off the ballot. His response, "Because I need to win."

I recently asked an activist friend in Ohio why John Kerry and the Dems did not fight for the voters in Ohio after the massive election fraud by the Republicans in the 2004 national elections. He told me it was because the Dems do it all the time themselves. I can now see what he meant.


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