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Thursday, September 04, 2008


I got home last night after the long flight back to Boston via Atlanta. From Boston I took the bus to Portland - just making the bus with 3 minutes to spare. Luckily my plane was 12 minutes early from Atlanta. If I'd missed the 7:30 pm bus I'd not have gotten home until 1:00 am.

While at the Atlanta airport I got a good lunch of southern cooking - collard greens, yams, black-eyed peas, cornbread, and chicken. I miss that southern cooking.

I listened to Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican convention on the radio on the way home from Portland. She again told us she was a hockey mom - what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull she asked? A hockey mom wears lipstick she said. Isn't it nice to know that Palin will help restore respect for America in the eyes of the world?

This morning I tape one of my public access TV shows and my guest will be Herb Hoffman, the Independent Senate candidate who is going to run a write-in campaign after the Dems successfully kept him off the ballot.

My sister arrives on Friday from Iowa for a visit and I told her she will have to join our Maine Veterans for Peace protest on Saturday in Brunswick of the Navy Hells Angels (of excuse me, Blue Angels) airshow that will be held this weekend at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. It looks like the weather forecast is for rain but we will do the protest no matter the weather.

The Hells Angels airshow is without any doubt a recruiting gimmick to help bring kids into the military. They burn 8,000 gallons of fuel a day when they "perform" with their F-18 Hornets which cost taxpayers $57 million each. We are told to conserve fuel these days but then these greenhouse gas polluting planes scream over our heads. What is a good environmentalist supposed to think?

Speaking of recruiting, I just heard that Sears was coming out with a new line of kids clothing - military uniforms to help usher in our militarized culture of fascism. Pretty soon parents will be lining up at the store to buy these uniforms to get their kids an early start on their future careers. After all this is what the Pentagon says our future will be - security export - endless war. Practically the only jobs for working class kids will be flipping burgers or join the military. Who says we don't have a draft today?

What a country!


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