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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As we approach Christmas people around the world will remember the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. Today in Bethlehem there is another story to be told.

The Israeli government has built a huge wall dissecting Palestinian lands thus making life and travel nearly impossible for the people. The Israeli government maintains the wall is for their security. The occupied Palestinian people tell a different story.

The International Court of Justice has made a historic ruling on Israel's Wall. In 2005, the Court deemed the Wall and all of Israel's settlements grave violations of international law and human rights, as well as obstacles to peace. Israel, however, continues to erect its Wall and to expand its settlements in the occupied West Bank, undeterred.

Originally approved in April 2002, Israel's Wall consists of an entire regime: concrete slabs
towering 25 feet high (8 meters), razor wire, trenches, sniper towers, electrified fences, military
roads, electronic surveillance, remote-controlled infantry, and "buffer zones" that sometimes stretch over one hundred meters wide.

The Wall is not being built on, or in most cases near the 1967 Green Line, but rather cuts deep into the West Bank, expanding Israel's grab of Palestinian land and resources.

When completed, the Wall will de facto annex some 47% of the West Bank, isolating communities into bantustans, enclaves and “military zones”.

The wall is helping Israel confiscate 37 wells that provide 4 million cubic meters of water.

It is interesting to note, that the Wall planned by Ariel Sharon will annex the most fertile and rich land, leaving the Palestinians with only 40% of their agricultural land.

I refer you to the music video entitled, "They've Cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem - The Wall Must Fall." It is written and performed by Anglican priest, Rev. Garth Hewitt. The video has heart breaking footage of the wall.

Fortunately the Palestinian people have allies around the world, including organizations like Jews Against the Occupation. Inside Israel, peace groups like Gush Shalom have long been calling the wall a "separation wall not about security."

There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as the Palestinian people continue to suffer as they do today. It is imperative that the wall comes down. Now.

If the Soviet Union's wall in Berlin was wrong, and it was, then so is this one.


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