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Friday, June 07, 2019

V-P Pence calls for global war

Idiot Pence declares on Memorial Day at the US Army West Point academy that those graduating this year should expect to serve in wars in the Middle East, on the Korean peninsula and against China, against Russia in Europe and even in 'this hemisphere' likely threatening a US invasion of Venezuela.

Maybe Pence and Trump are planning to put on uniforms and go into battle themselves because so many wars will surely require that virtually every able bodied man and woman in the US will be needed to serve at the more than 800 Pentagon bases around the globe.

It is a fact that America's role under corporate globalization of the world economy is 'security export' so it makes sense that as Washington (along with its military appendage NATO) attempts to control the planet on behalf of western resource extraction corporations they realize that a global war will be necessary to vainly attempt to secure 'full spectrum dominance'.

Anyone left back home had best do two immediate things.  First, plant a big garden to feed yourself because there won't be much of a domestic economy left during such a disastrous global war.  Secondly, be sure to freeze dry the food you grow and get a canoe because the neglected reality of climate catastrophe will mean that you'll need to be paddling for the rest of your remaining life as the sea rises to engulf us.

These psychopaths running this nation are dangerous war criminals - both Republicans and Democrats alike.  



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