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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trump threatens Russia - 'missiles coming soon'

Donald Trump today threatened Russia by tweeting:

Fort Russ reports:

The US Navy P-8A Poseidon, which is a reconnaissance aircraft able to penetrate deep into enemy territory is carrying out a multi-hour flight near the coast of Syria, where the Russian air base Khmeimim and the logistics base of the port of Tartus are located.

The spy plane with the onboard number 168439 flew from the Sigonella airbase on the Italian island of Sicily and is now at an altitude of 8,000 meters, circling the distance of 40 kilometers from the air base of Khmeimim and the Russian Navy base in Tartus.

Its flight path passes over the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Turkish press, 100 kilometers from the Russian base in Tartus there is also the American destroyer Donald Cook, equipped with 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is preparing to strike Syria in response to reports that allegedly on April 7, in the vicinity of the city of the Douma, chemical weapons were used. Washington accused Damascus officially – but Russia had warned of a rebel attack being planned a number of days prior.

Maybe Trump is bluffing the way he did with 'Little rocket man' in North Korea but I'm not so sure about that.  The US-NATO have been itching for a pretext to take on Russia for a long time and they know their 'window of opportunity' is closing fast as the Moscow and Beijing economic and military alliance gets stronger by the day.  So if the Pentagon is going to attack they could figure that now just might be the time.

RT reports:

The US' reaction to the alleged chemical incident in the town of Douma has clearly shown it was the long-sought pretext to attack Syria, which was finally provided by the “White Helmets’ provocateurs,” the Russian UN envoy said. 
The alleged chemical incident in Douma was only beneficial for the militants, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, said, urging his Western counterparts to explain why Damascus would decide to do so. The purported attack was reported on Saturday, amid the evacuation of militants from the besieged town.

“This provocation was like a breeze of the fresh air needed by militants who received such timely support from the US and other Western countries,” Nebenzia said at the UNSC meeting on Tuesday. He warned the US and its allies against launching a military action in Syria, bypassing the UN.

“If you made a decision to carry out an illegal military endeavor, we hope, hope that you will come to your senses. You will be responsible for it yourselves,” Nebenzia said.
There is alot of dread out in the public.  People feel resigned to the possibility of the destruction of the world.  Our plumber was just at our house and he and I talked about Trump's threat to attack Russian bases in Syria.  He told me, "I have always thought that we'd blow up the world during my lifetime."

It's sad that the sick and pathetic people now running things in Washington-London-Paris-Brussels are contemplating doing such a thing.  One must wonder are there any sane adults left in the western capitals?  Where are their voices as we teeter on the edge of oblivion?

One can also wonder about the voices of the so-called 'liberals' who say they are for peace but these days are often the ones leading the anti-Russian demonization.

Now is the time to speak out - to make calls - to get others to react.  I am not ready to give up on life.



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