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Monday, April 02, 2018

Strong words from a Maine senator.....

A corporation wrote legislation to benefit themselves only. Classic. I guess that's just how it works around here. The legislature is being held hostage. Just because a corporation says jump, we don't need to say how high. So to recap the General Dynamics $45 million tax break:

~ Tax break isn’t designed to create jobs, in fact if thousands of jobs are lost, we are still picking up the tab
~ We don’t know how they will spend this $45 million handout because the corporation darts the question
~ Corporation hasn’t demonstrated financial need because they refuse to answer basic financial questions
~ Taking advantage of many state and local tax breaks already beyond this one
~ Parent company already has committed to at least a $100 million investment without this break
~ Profits have soared to $3 billion last year alone and CEO makes $20 million, this isn’t an emergency

I'm not against public investment to incentivize new job creation, but folks this is not it. There are better ways to create economic opportunity and better tax incentive programs that need resources.

By Maine Sen. Justin Chenette (D-Saco) who serves on the Taxation Committee that held public hearings on the GD corporate welfare bill.  Chenette was one of only two on the committee who voted against the bill and one of nine in the Maine Senate who voted NO.


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