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Thursday, April 12, 2018

More Trump razzle-dazzle

Keep building the opposition - I am certain that the popular will is against attacking Syria.

I've been very encouraged to see on Fazebook the last couple of days that among my 'friends' (admittedly I've sorted out many of the 'talkers' - I'm interested in the 'doers') there has been a dramatic rise in efforts to stop the Syria attack.

Even one year ago many people were reluctant to really get into the Syria issue due to the power of the recycled anti-Putin red-baiting being done by the Democrats in Washington which has frozen many activists in place.  But that is steadily wearing off and Trump's mental instability has also moved alot of folks off the fence.  So that is all good.

What is needed now is more calls for an immediate cut in the Pentagon budget by 50%, the disbanding of NATO, closure of US bases around the world, and the conversion of the military production process across the nation to help us deal with global warming.  That is a unity agenda that should link labor, social justice, environmental, and peace movements.  This would create more jobs and help dial down Washington's imperial insanity.

But none of that will happen unless there is a unified and determined demand along with serious organizing toward this end.  This will require many groups to get outside their single-issue silos and make links and cooperate with other organizations.  We all have failed to do enough of this kind of work.

We have to dump the 'business model' of organizing that so many of us have swallowed.



Blogger Jacob Rempel said...

Yes, Bruce, this is a good short assertive projection of necessary actions. The US imperial regime is now dominant, and must. of course "retreat", but not alone. Other "Great Powers" and the UN have to be part of the shift in world politics. The United Nations has a great potential role in coordinating a restoration of so many damaged society, and so much hostile sentiment in so many countries. Question: To which present world leaders should we (you and I and like minded persons) now appeal with this proposal? [Paul Jay of The Real News Network can be a big part of such initiative}
Jacob Rempel

4/12/18, 11:55 AM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

I'd work from the bottom up rather than the top down. We have to build a base of people worldwide to demand the conversion of the military production system. As we do that, and the issue grows, then the leaders begin to take notice. Go to them without a base and we are just dreamers. Have to build power.....

4/12/18, 1:01 PM  

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