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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Day 25: The weather in Maine....

  • It's snowing here - hard - likely getting 15 inches or more.  The ground is not frozen. 

  • Just days ago Maine had a big wind and rain storm with sea surges along the shore and some of the expensive houses in southern Maine got flooded.  One of the legislators from that area talked with a few of us in Augusta on Tuesday while we were chilling in the hallway outside the closed doors of the Taxation Committee meeting.  Peter Morgan suggested to the legislator that it might be time for folks living on the water to move.  The big storm is coming.  She seemed stunned at first - maybe annoyed at the inference - but also by the notion of big changes coming that cannot be corrected by a state appropriation.

  • BIW workers filled all the seats in the Taxation committee room long before the meeting began. We took it as a compliment.  I was impressed that one worker gave up his seat and sat in the overflow room with our folks - or maybe he was on recon duty. 

  • MB, Jason and I shoveled snow today.  They did more than I did as my stamina is down but I loved the exercise and being out-of-doors.

  • While lifting the wet and heavy snow I was thinking about the GD corporate welfare campaign.  More people are getting involved - for various reasons - and we deeply appreciate their excellent contributions.  They are part of this movement - maybe call it 'The Life Team - for the children's future'. 

  • Is it OK to say you are having fun - even when you are on a hunger strike?  It's not bad to show our passion and our human side - our humor.  We are not in the business to make enemies - but we are not shirking from calling it like we see it either.  If it was good enough for Howard Cosell then it should be good enough for us.

  • A friend advised yesterday that we should stay on course - full speed ahead.  Also suggested that we keep asking state legislators this question publicly as often as possible:  If you did not run for office fully committed to vote against bills that you admit are bad - then why are you still in office?

  • Climate change means changing weather and we surely have that in Maine.  This reality calls on us to have immediate and serious shifts everywhere if we wish to survive.  The Titanic is sinking and we can't keep playing the same BS games with the public purse.  We need that money to deal with the storm that is upon us. This is not the time for anyone to hide their head and remain silent.



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