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Friday, March 30, 2018

"They lied to us."

“They lied to us. They told us the unions had changed their positions in some deal and were now in favor of it. That is why I changed my vote.”
   ~ Rep. Kevin Battle (I-South Portland)

South Portland resident (and VFP member Don Kimball) was in constant communication with Rep. Battle throughout the campaign to oppose LD 1781.  Don wrote me this morning saying, “THAT was Battle’s reply to my query on why he changed his vote!”

This confirms what I had earlier shared from Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) who said basically the same thing to me on Tuesday following the Democratic party caucus in Augusta just before the vote in the House on the bill.

Since this went public Rep. Jared Golden (D-Lewiston) and others have been issuing denials that the House Democrats misled legislators. Now that Rep. Battle has also added his two cents it is obviously clear that the Democrats did indeed lie in order to swing more votes toward passage.

It was part of a strategy to crush the opposition as a warning that no one should ever consider opposing BIW/GD again.

Can there be any doubt that the Maine Democrats leadership has largely been outsourced to BIW/GD?

It shows they feared this campaign and in my mind that means we did much better than we’ll ever know.

How can there be an real trust inside that Democratic party caucus in Augusta any more?

Photo by Peter Woodruff (retired BIW worker)


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

The "trust" is just a prefix to "fund".

It's getting worse. Drump and his accomplices are selling Vets at auction..

Ahem... I'm older. 57. I get discounts for being a Senior AND a Vet. And I believe His Royal Stupidness is not morally fit to be a janitor. If you shake his hand, count your fingers immediately after, and since so many Drump Disciples are too stupid to understand that, it's because he would steal your fingers if it's in any way possible. His daddy who gave him his first Silver Spoon $100M got the money by being a War Profiteer who bought his own way out of the Draft. Dotard Donny did the same thing. Not much to see, of course,
He probably saved a lot of American lives because they wouldn't have to count on him for anything.

Now he's trying to privatize the Veteran's Affairs. Isn't that sweet? He's proposing Selling Vets to some of his sleazy 1% country club over-privileged elitist aging trust fund babies. Selling about our lives, the same way they did during every war in their miserable lives.

Here I'm building up first and pulling it back together last. How many of the officers of GD are going to buy their way in to a prime part of the trough?

3/31/18, 12:41 AM  

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