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Monday, March 26, 2018

Jeju Island: Fr. Mun to jail

[March 25] Fr. Mun Jeong-hyeon chose prison in refusal to paying fines. He is expected to be released from the Jeju prison early April. The below is a rough translation of his letter before leaving to prison on March 25. 

Today, I go to prison in refusal to paying fines for the protest related to a ‘Hope Bus.’

In 2011, I joined the Hope Bus to support and to be in solidarity with Kim Jin-Suk who was carrying out high crane sit-in then, in protest to lay-off of workers by the Hanjin Heavy industry. And later, I was fined of 800,000 won (around 800 $ USD) for that solidarity. I insisted not to pay those fines because a solidarity action for workers’ rights to live should not be a crime. Meanwhile, two former Presidents have been directed to jail. People’s cries have never been in vein.

Otherwise, Kim Deuk-Jung, the branch manager of Ssangyong motor workers' union is carrying out his fourth hunger strike. Today marks 25th day of his fast. At the risk of his health, he demands company to keep the promise of reinstatement of laid-off workers. As today waits for coming Easter which remembers the Passion of Jesus Christ, I pray for Kim Deuk-jung of Ssangyong motor workers' union. What I can do is only this.

The south of Jeju is very warm. Cherry blossoms are flowering. Don’t worry about me.

March 25, 2018
Fr. Mun Jeong-hyeon

Photo by Oh Doo-hee


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