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Monday, August 07, 2017

Goal: Total Economic Control of the World

Former FBI counter-terrorism expert: "The CIA created ISIS"

“We created ISIS. I mean ISIS is no less than the people up in Islamburg, no less then than Gülen. It is a CIA-creation. John McCain, for heavens sake, was over there with the ISIS officials.

We created them. They came from Al-Nusra Front, the Syrian Liberation Front. These two organizations combined and they morphed into ISIS. It’s our creation!

We created them and we still direct them! When ISIS warriors are injured in battle, where are they transported? They’re transported, for heavens sake, to Israel! They’re treated by Israelis in Israeli hospitals and brought back to battle!”


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Remember to remind the reactionaries that their own leaders, the Project for the New American Century promised to use just exactly those tactics for exactly those goals and said that Americans (especially those who eat their crap and drink their koolaid) have 'the attention span of a goldfish and would forget all of it within 6 weeks'. There's a lot of stuff I'd rather not recall but for the life of me I just can't un-learn it.

Even with the best Pavlovian Conditioning on the planet, equal or surpassing the analogies Brave New World and Animal Farm/slash/Nineteen Eighty Four.

8/7/17, 10:42 PM  

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