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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Politics as Entertainment (and Distraction)

Trump is not stupid - he is not dumb.  He is a very sick person acting on behalf of the puppet master named Mr. Big.

Trump wishes he could be part of Mr. Big's circle but he is an outlier.  So he debases himself before the world in order to perform the biggest acting role of his life.

Trump's experience in front of the professional wrestling crowds showed that he would be good at taking on the task of rounding up the working class on behalf of the corporate agenda.  It's a brilliant strategy and Trump is doing quite well playing the part.

I am deeply suspicious of everything these days.  The recent election (like most others) was rigged from the start.  The fact that the Bernie Sanders' momentum was killed by the Clinton corporate wing of the 'Democratic Party' was a sign of the lengths the ruling elites will go to deny real democracy at home while preaching its virtues abroad.

What ever political 'positions' Trump may have once had are being cast aside in order to carry out the marching orders from Mr. Big.  He ultimately has no strong inner core of values.  It's all a show to do one primary thing:  keep the public distracted and snarling at each other while the corporations fleece the public purse and destroy the environment.  Even more its a global strategy that requires endless war to take down any obstacles to full spectrum dominance.  Thus the current military takeover of the operation at the White House.

Working class folks who helped put Trump in the White House trusted him and felt they knew him from his exposure on TV.  They hated Clinton (for good reason) and thus saw no other choice.  The Green Party was an after thought for them - especially when its candidate could not easily relate to these same disenchanted citizens.  Trump, by climbing into the wrestling ring, showed the crowds that he was on their side.

The rest is history.

My guess is that some groups now being funded to organize anti-Trump events nationwide are indirectly being paid by the same corporate interests that support The Donald.  Keep the tensions high and people focused on the facade.

Our way out of this political swamp is not to spend all our time mobilizing against the actor but instead keep organizing on the issues and show their ultimate connection to the pockets of Mr. Big.  We've also got to do a better job of exposing who Mr. Big is - Wall Street, the military industrial complex, energy giants, insurance companies, CIA, Silicon Valley, and more.

Trump is a jerk and deserves no sympathy from me or anyone else.  But we can't be so focused on the puppet that we miss following the strings to the greedy hands and agenda of Mr. Big.



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