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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Working on Next Newsletter

I started in earnest yesterday working on the GN's next newsletter.  I always dread the job because there is so much information that I've saved since the last Space Alert was published.  But once I get rolling doing the 'Odds & Ends' section which are important short bits (what I call toilet reading) the energy cranks up.  I love going through various space related articles and picking out things I want others to know about - things that help give people a slight view of where the whole space industry is taking the people of our planet.  And just as important are the peaceniks around the world working on some angle of the space militarization issue - we always want to share their stories.  We need a global movement that connects all the dots.  It's happening and it is fun and rewarding to be part of that.  Great folks out there and they are what gives me 'hope'. 

You can't help but wonder what the agenda is? Is it all about profit or is there something to those that say extraterrestrials have infiltrated our world and are now working with the military, government, etc....?  How could we ever be the only 'intelligent' life in the universe?  A frightening thought.

I once was told by a leading physicist that when NASA began their moon missions they discovered some kind of structures on the dark side of the moon.  Why doesn't the government share that information with us?  Bases, buildings, space launch facilities?  Why can't we know the truth?

Some even maintain that our human species is ultimately cross-bred with those from another planet who came to mine the surface of the Earth.  When they needed workers they gave some apes enough intelligence to turn them into slaves.  (Basic medical experimentation, it's done all the time these days.) That theory might explain much of human history as exemplified by our current earthly battle against Mr. Big.  The global corporate plan is to turn us into slaves again.

I've got an inquisitive and fertile mind so this is like reading science fiction for me.  There are many capitalist and militarist forces on Earth that are trying to get humanity to fund the 'new space race'. 

There is alot of $$$ to be made building rockets, satellites and launch facilities around the country as communities are forced to bid against one another to bring the 'aerospace biz bacon' home to the local taxpayers - who often pay to build these same space facilities.  It's like a gas station on every corner - how did that whole oil thing work out for us? 

So I try to follow many theories and new space stories into the rabbit hole to see what I might find. Some wear thin and others lead to new caverns.  It makes for good reading while I'm watching baseball - the one sport that still is played in a 'ball park' with green grass, peanuts, beer and the amazing sounds like the crack of the bat, the ball hitting a mitt, and the cheers or sighs from the crowd.

This is my world.  But there is another one out there that some folks are dying to reach.  The call of the wild, maybe, or a beacon.  It's worth checking out.  Could be a real link to true human history - I would like to know the real story and I am certain that those at the top of the pyramid have worked to ensure that we stay in the dark while the Vatican holds us tight in its 'welcoming' arms.



Blogger Unknown said...

When I was growing up, my Caucasian mother told me that Asians were bred with extra-terrestrials, and I was part-alien. She honestly believed it. Great. I'm an alien. Just what a nine-year-old trying to fit in wants to hear.

7/3/17, 4:18 AM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

I always knew there was something 'other worldly' about you Koohan......

7/3/17, 9:59 AM  

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