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With a new administration in Washington it will be a challenge to get the 'liberals' to hold Biden-Harris to the few 'progressive promises' they made during their campaign. Biden is bringing back many of Bush & Obama's neo-cons to head his foreign policy. I'll be on this case without hesitation.

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Fog of Endless War & Global Domination

The US economy increasingly depends on war.  Our #1 industrial export product is weapons and the primary job opportunity for high school graduates these days is to join the Army and go kill on behalf of resource extraction corporations.  The Democratic Party Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has just come out with a new policy saying that he won't hand out high school diplomas to graduates in their city unless the kid has been accepted into a college program, has a job, or is going to join the military. Guess which demographic this will impact the most?

The US fears Russian and Chinese unity and will do practically anything to torpedo that growing relationship. The alliance between China and Russia (along with others) is demanding that power be shared in a multi-polar world where no one nation dictates terms to vassals who surrender their resources and sovereignty to the US.  Washington (with its NATO appendage) understands it has a short period of time to destroy the growing power of China and Russia and thus we witness this current aggressive global confrontation and fake news about Russian hacking of the last US election.

The US is a drunken cowboy that bellies up to the bar at the Last Chance Saloon. America is addicted to violence, chaos and war.  The violence that used to be primarily manifested worldwide has now come home to roost with a ferocity unlike anything we've seen here since our own Civil War.

Donald Trump is not really in charge - the Deep State neo-con war mongers are pulling the strings in this puppet show.  Trump is performing his TV professional wrestling act - just days ago he tweeted that the US was going to have to put "a move" on North Korea - in the best tradition of those who do body slams, head butts, and pile drivers in the ring.

I saw one person write today, "The US does not talk, it shouts, with gun in hand."  A perfect description of Washington's foreign and military policy.

North Korea, Russia or China are not going to start a war.  If WW III begins it will because the drunken cowboy staggers out of the bar and demands a shoot out at the OK Corral at high noon.  The nuclear system of the US is all about first-strike - in fact the Pentagon now has a program called 'Prompt Global Strike'.  The nuclear systems of Russia, China and North Korea are retaliatory systems to be used only if attacked first.

We were in the car today and turned on the radio and NPR was talking about Russia.  I've been taking an informal survey of each instance when I switch the radio on to see what subject pops up over the air waves.  The vast majority of the time it is about Russia as the demonization is just like a fog that has descended on America and refuses to lift. 

The American people are brain washed, mind manipulated, and being led over a cliff into a war.  The US ruling oligarchies clearly see their hold on the global economy and total military control slipping from their fingers.  They know they have just a short time left to try to take back their global domination before the multi-polar world pushes ahead toward global leadership and stability.

This is what makes this moment the most dangerous in human history.  Despite the United Nations voting today to make nuclear weapons illegal the US won't dare give up its nukes.  The US's nukes are the double-barrelled shot guns that Mr. Big uses to put up to the heads of nations it wishes to bully into submission.  Coupled with the steroidal deployments of US 'missile defense' interceptors and radars around the globe this formidable offensive system, directed by military space satellites, gives the neo-con war mongers the feeling of swaggering unlimited power.  

Whether they will ultimately use these forces is an open question. The international peace community has the moral responsibility to make sure it does not happen.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

It looks so much like 1986. What happened to the victory won against Communism? Why, it was just a made up concept. The war bonds keep accruing interest, higher taxes for our great grandchildren, if they and the U.S. simultaneously still exist.

The Reaganites really thought that future debt would be less than the glorious gains with the Other economic system out of the way.

The conquest of any other nation and the occupation necessary to get the goodies out of the ground There and in cars etc Here... costs more than what can be recovered. Spend a decade before the official occupation or "peace" keeping, tears down the infrastructure at taxpayer expense (deferred by bonds) and has to be rebuilt, again at taxpayer expense and again deferred by bonds. And the conquer, destroy and occupy has to be repeated ad infinitum, except the infinity doesn't exist.

It's the goldfish bowl. The fish can only crap in the bowl a limited number of time before there's no more room. Then what? Will the fish grow lungs and legs and walk away?

7/8/17, 3:34 PM  

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