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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Who Can We Trust?

  • I saw a person on Fazebook this morning post the question, "Who can we trust?"  Someone replied, "Trust no one."  I don't agree with that - I can't help but feel that the oligarchies would love for us to wander around the wilderness with a sense of disempowerment that comes from having no mooring and sense of trust.  But with that said we've all got to become much more discriminating about which media, politicians, organizations, and even friends that we put our faith in.  That can only be done by taking the time and energy to investigate and experience what is truly going on around us.  Sure, I understand that many say they can't stomach 'politics' - but how can one stomach the endless wars, corporate rule, environmental destruction and all the rest that comes with current oligarchic rule?  We look away at our own peril.
  • I drove south about 90 minutes to Biddeford last night to tape a public access TV show with Maine vegetable farmer friend Richard Rhames.  His show is called 'Out in Left Field' and we talked mostly about the current Russia 'controversy' and all that comes with it.  Richard is a modern version of the Renaissance man - he is smart as a whip, a several times elected Biddeford Town Councilman, a political radical, has one of the state's longest running public access TV shows, plays lead guitar in a local rock band and much more.  It's always fun to be on his show - he brings out the best in me.
  • I'm praying for a miracle in the UK this week.  A Jeremy Corbyn victory would shake up the global corporate system big time.  Come on UK......
  • I am sad to see legions of self-declared leftists buying into the Russia demonization program being run by the Democratic Party.  Each day it gets worse and my life experience is that when leaders and countries are continually demonized like this (Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria....) war usually comes next.  One would hope that the people have figured out by now that the corporate criminal syndicate that controls much of the west has a modus operandi. 
  • As part of Trump's plan to sell more coal they appear to have found a willing new customer for the dirty stuff dug up in places like West Virginia.  The Ukrainian government has been at war with itself since 2014 and its coal mining region is mostly in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) near the Russian border which is now being attacked by the US-NATO backed regime in Kiev.  So the announcement has just been made that Kiev will buy American coal.  Imagine the cost of shipping to Ukraine.  The folks running this puppet show are indeed crazy.
  • Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran Will Griffin and I will be doing a workshop together at the UNAC (United National Antiwar Coalition) national conference on June 16-18 in Richmond, Virginia.  The conference is called 'Building a Movement Against War, Injustice & Repression!'  Our workshop will be about the US pivot into the Asia-Pacific to encircle China and Russia.  I've traveled with Will to South Korea, Okinawa, India and Nepal on peace making trips.  He's quite a great up and coming activist.  It will be a pleasure to do the workshop with him. 


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