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Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Corporate Mega-Death Machine is Killing Everything

This morning Mary Beth came running down the stairs telling us all to go look at our crab apple tree in the front yard which was full of Cedar Waxwings.

I can't ever recall hearing of a Cedar Waxwing - I've likely seen them but don't have any memory of it.

But this morning dozens of the beautiful birds were flitting around the crab apple and picking off caterpillars that are presently feasting on the tree leaves.  They must have worked that tree for at least an hour before taking off.  Later on I went out and looked for evidence of caterpillars on the tree but only saw one.  So hopefully the birds will come back in the days ahead and help save the tree from being totally denuded by the insects.

The tree blossoms in late May - right around MB's birthday.  The smell of the flowers on the tree is heavenly.  I bought the tree for her birthday soon after we moved into this house.

Following that hour of joy, we had both sat by the window and watched the beautiful show, MB and I went out to work in the garden. We planted 17 tomato plants, cucumbers, and squash and did a bunch of weeding.  I had to move some lettuce that is growing in clumps due to my shaking hands when I was planting the seeds - the plants grow where the seeds fall and in my case I dumped a load of them in one spot. The garden ground is wet from almost non-stop rain during recent weeks.  A farmer friend here in Maine says that more rain than usual is in our future due to climate change.

All of this magnificent nature is now in peril as we see the US refusing to deal with the reality of global warming.  Some people can argue all they want against climate change but I am a true believer that our weather is now totally fucked up.  I was talking to someone in Texas yesterday who told me they've had rain for two weeks and she was coughing like mad.  I was coughing as well and so was the Global Network's layout design person who I had spoken to earlier in the day.  I caught the crud from MB.

As the weather changes day-to-day our bodies are having a very hard time adjusting.  Last month we had a 93 degree day (the hottest recorded temperature for that day in Maine's history).  Then just days later we had to light a fire again to heat the kitchen.

Add also to this reality the atmosphere regularly being filled with chemtrails that lace the sky from horizon to horizon.  The aluminum (and god knows what other toxic elements are being sprayed from these planes) gets into our lungs, the soil, the water, and ultimately our food chain.  That has to be lowering our immune system dramatically thus these hard bouts with the crud that never seems to go away.

Don't you begin to wonder if someone is trying to thin the population?  I was talking with a friend the other day about all this and I asked the question, "Why would they (the ruling oligarchies) want to thin us out?"  The person's response was on the mark - "Because there are not going to be enough jobs."  Nothing like an unemployed superfluous person who figures out what is really going on - they become radicalized and a danger to the capitalist system.

But the ruling 1% also knows that the planet is over populated.  So they know that their 'rule' on Earth is conditioned on reducing the global population and in doing so their mad hatter scientists come up with all kinds of insane programs for weather modification and geo-engineering.  

So in the back of my mind this morning, while having this spiritual experience watching the birds feast on our tree, was global warming and chemtrails and how these phenomenon are currently impacting the birds, other wildlife, plants, and trees.

Instead of surrendering to helplessness, which can be like a drug addiction, I feel even more compelled to push for conversion of the military industrial complex toward a sustainable society.

There is far too much beauty in life for me to walk away from working to stop this corporate industrial mega-polluting model of society.  (I often feel like I am living in the middle of the collapse of the Aztec civilization.  I figure their rulers ignored the hell out of critics at that time too.)  We don't have much time left and so I will keep pushing to convert places like the General Dynamics Corp. Navy shipyard here in Bath, Maine.

The US military has the largest carbon bootprint on the entire planet.  Official Washington 'insisted' that the Pentagon be exempted from monitoring by the Kyoto and Paris climate change protocols.  Why in hell do most mainstream environmental groups refuse to mention the Pentagon link to global warming?  So while everyone is now yelling at Trump because he wants to withdraw from the Paris accords, hardly anyone is noticing the military footprint connection.  It burns my britches.

This is a collapsing industrial culture.  I want to stand with the birds.



Blogger Lisa Savage said...

Home run blog post, Bruce. I'm with you, MB and the birds.

6/4/17, 4:12 AM  

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