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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

There Goes Crazy Maxine Again.....

Rep. Maxine Waters, Democrat from Los Angeles, has gone off the deep end again.  This time she is alleging that Putin gave Trump the talking points in his recent election campaign.

These desperate Democrats, looking for a distraction to justify their terrible job in the national election, are on a drunken binge trying to tie everything possible to Moscow.  If it wasn't so ridiculously serious it would almost be funny.

This is about the third time I've seen Rep. Waters make really crazy allegations against Russia - she appears to have signed on as the #1 attack dog for the Democrats.  She lives in a safe district that will likely reelect her again no matter how far off the deep end she plunges.

It's really quite sad to see the Democrats make such fools of themselves.  They've really got nothing else to gripe about since their party is in bed with the right-wing Republicans on military spending and endless war mongering, corporate welfare, defunding social progress, and doing little about the environmental crisis we face.

What is even more sad though is that legions of grassroots Dems across the nation are following these cues from 'leaders' like Rep. Waters and daily repeat these same nonsensical utterances.

I'm not a Trump defender but I do believe he is quite capable of having made up his campaign slogans like 'lock her up' and 'crooked Hillary' - just remember Trump for years participated in professional wrestling on TV.  He had lots of practice appealing to those who are, can we say, on the lower end of the IQ scale.

It just goes to show the true condition of 'democracy' in America - there is none.



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