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With a new administration in Washington it will be a challenge to get the 'liberals' to hold Biden-Harris to the few 'progressive promises' they made during their campaign. Biden is bringing back many of Bush & Obama's neo-cons to head his foreign policy. I'll be on this case without hesitation.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

France: Banker Candidate Wins by Default

I've been following the French elections trying to break through all the corporate media hype behind the election of former investment banker Emmanuel Macron.  Bottom line is that the western bankers won in this election and Macron will continue and likely escalate the austerity measures that are neutering the French working class.

Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and writes:

Macron is going to wage an (economic) extremist war on the French public, and who can be excited about that?

Just do the math: 25% [of potential voters] abstained and 12% submitted blank ballots (LOL, a record), meaning only 67% of the total electorate issued an acceptable vote. That drops Macron’s alleged final score of 66% down to 42% of the total electorate. Now subtract the 43% of Macron’s voters who say they voted to block Le Pen. That means only 24% of the total electorate voted for Macron’s personality or his policies.

Only 24% of France truly voted for Macron. So forget what the financial/foreign press says: there is no joy in Mudville, French democracy has struck out.

But the beat goes on. And for the next five years I’m covering the exact same news beat – Hollande (Jr.) and austerity.

The bankers are having their way in most countries around the globe.  They are extracting wealth from the workers, selling off national assets to 'investors', essentially plundering national economies like pirates.  Those who try to defend social progress are demonized by the banker-owned media that defend and promote the corporate elite candidates like Macron.

Historically France had a tradition and reputation as a place where the class struggle was in full swing.  The Socialist party got side tracked and betrayed by their last couple of leaders, including the recent Hollande, to the point that the public deserted them.  But the corporate oligarchies found a way to bring in a 'fresh face' named Macron.

The one-sided media ensures that enough of the public gets worn down and herded into the 'acceptable' camp - in this case Macron wins by default.  That is no way to run a true democracy.

The contradictions in France (and throughout much of the world) remain and social movements will have to work hard to recover momentum.  Even when the Socialist Hollande was in power he just ignored (or beat down) the protests against austerity.  Macron will continue that same strategy as the greedy bankers want total control.

The only bright spot I see is in South Korea where the people's movement has toppled the corrupt right-wing US puppet President Park and now Moon Jae-in appears to have won the presidential election in a landslide.

The progressive Moon says he wants the US to withdraw the THAAD 'missile defense' system just recently deployed by the Pentagon.  This will be an interesting test of South Korea's ability to demand and secure the right to have an independent foreign policy - reducing Washington's long-held power on the Korean peninsula.

But have no doubt, the US will be reluctant to give up its stronghold in South Korea considering the fact that Korea borders China and Russia which are both today prime targets for 'regime change' by the US and an ever cancerous NATO. So push back from the US on new President Moon will be intense.

Only the growth of a global people's movement, dedicated to reversing austerity budgets, protection of Mother Earth, and ensuring true peace will reverse the evil domination by the banking elite who now rule the world.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

They did an admirable job of cutting the State Church/Church State bonds and decapitation of the Ruling Elite (literally) but didn't actually dissolve the aristocracy. Or the power structure within the society at all levels.They just transfered power and money to different dynasties.

Things like that, like the Napoleonic Empire lasting 80 years or so after the Revolution and affected the American "civil" war by yet another civil war with the Triple Lie , "holy" and "roman" and "empire" being the star attraction. In Mexico.

I was just looking at the royal nicknames. The Lazy, the Amorous, the Fat, the Stutterer, the Quarreller, Jean premier le Posthume, (he died on the 5th day of his very short reign). They had an established Hereditary Dictatorship, 1200 years before the Revolution of 1791, you would think they had gotten it out of their system. Again literally. When I meditate on such tomfoolery I become very silly and start leaning on the great English Philosophers, The Python Players, to explain just how much Tom Folly can one nation endure, "Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship, true executive authority comes from a mandate by the Masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony".

It keeps me from doing really ugly things.
Of course, I don't go around doing ugly things, and if I attributed that to any virtue of my own, I could easily become conceited. I would have to cut away the top part of my door frame so I could get my watermelon sized head through.

The bankers have built a golden prison for themselves.

5/10/17, 1:10 AM  

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