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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Monkeys Galore.....

I heard Debbie the Sane Progressive this morning ranting on her live streaming video about the condition of the 'electorate' here in the land of the free.  She is quite entertaining but most of all she consistently hits the nail on the head as she analyzes contemporary American politics.  She used an expression I loved, "We are all monkeys driving cars" in reference to how our evolution from the apes has not progressed as far as we might like to believe.

We've got fast cars and rovers on Mars looking for precious resources that the oligarchy wants to mine on their way to moving our snivelization to the red planet.  But socially, culturally and politically we really haven't come very far.

Just a quick look at Washington is enough to prove the theory that we are are a dummed down nation, fixated on TV, entertainment, sports, and easily seduced by the likes of Clinton, Trump, and the rest of the psychopaths masquerading as leaders in our stooge-filled government.  Yes, indeed we are monkeys in cars.

Debbie is struggling with what to do about this circus-like condition of our government and society.  How does one impact it all and bring about real change?  She and legions of others are worn down trying to make sense of it all and have come to the conclusion that change is not likely - if at all possible.

She smartly diagnoses one of the primary reasons for this sorry state of affairs being due to the public's slavish belief that the two-party system, run by a corporate criminal syndicate, will somehow fix things.  One example of this wrong-way lunacy is the emerging 'draft Bernie Sanders for president in the next election movement'. Last week the savior from Vermont basically agreed with Trump's 'get tough' policy on North Korea.

Sanders has taken that same status quo line on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Yugoslavia, and Syria.  While he might support raising the minimum wage and health care for all, in the long run, Sanders (who claims to be a Socialist) is nothing more than a mainstream Democrat pretending to be a revolutionary.  It's all very sad to watch as he runs around the country with the Clinton-operative and recently named Democratic party chair Tom Perez on their 'party unity' tour.  How can their be unity around a political party controlled by Wall Street and the military industrial complex?

So I think Debbie is right that we are no better than the animals living in the zoo - except we drive cars and touch screens and talk to little hand-sized pieces of plastic.  We call that progress.  Actually we know the monkeys have done less damage to the world than us sophisticated homo sapiens.

So what do we do then with all this in mind?  Slit our wrists?  Go on a drinking binge?  Jump off a cliff?  Become a Republican and get on the winning side?  Escape to, let's see, where could one move to that would be better.............?

In the end Debbie concluded that we have to stand strong for the truth - publicly defend it - be the kind of person we'd like others to be - such as peaceful, caring, sharing, loving.  Fundamentally we've got to be intellectually inquisitive and honest and quit taking the dum-dum pills handed to us by our corporate masters.

It all makes sense to me.  I feel better knowing Debbie is out there ranting and raving.



Anonymous Marlene lOve said...

Great article! We concur 100%, Deb is one of the only truth talkers with the courage to present information in a clear concise manner. Many call her intense, I say we need more intensity, too many sheeple are still asleep.

5/3/17, 8:18 AM  
Blogger LiveVegan said...

Yep. Debbie is a truth-teller. Love her.

5/3/17, 8:22 AM  
Blogger dimestoresage said...

The problem is not that we are monkeys, but that we are monkeys with oversized egos. A Liberal coalition 3rd Party, based on Sanders' agenda for the Political Revolution, could give America another chance for change before the sky falls. When the pain of the New World Order is great enough, people will unite. And whoever, with whatever is left, will start again. It's a hell of a way to run a civilization.

5/3/17, 9:02 AM  

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