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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Wonderful Wedding in Taiwan

Pre-wedding ceremony at Emily's grandfathers house to get blessings of the passed on relatives.

The parents of the bride and groom on stage for a toast

Two days ago we took a 90-minute high-speed rail ride from Taipei to the southern Taiwanese coastal city of Kaohsiung were Emily is from.  Her parents picked us up at the rail station and took us to her grandfather's home where the elders blessing ceremony was held.

After a huge traditional lunch we made our way to the Grand Hotel in Kaohsiung were we stayed for two nights. The wedding was also held at this beautiful place.  

About 250 people came to the hotel - interestingly some people dressed up but many came in quite casual dress.  Emily the bride wore three different dresses during the ceremony.  Imagine the stress on her to have to keep changing.  Remarkably she held up well throughout.

It's quite a thing to see your own son get married - even more moving when it is done in a country with such a different language and culture.  Julian's mom Becky Acuna and I are so proud of him as we watch him navigate his way with a wonderful new family and way of life in Taiwan.

Today Emily's parents are taking Becky, MB and me to a beach park for the day before we head back to Taipei tomorrow.  Then on Tuesday MB flies back to Maine and I head to Okinawa for a week of peace walking with the Japanese Buddhist order Nipponzan Myohoji as we protest US military bases there on that beleaguered island.

A nice video made of wedding highlights was made - see it here


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