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Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Protests and More......

Protests against Muslim ban yesterday at Copley Square in Boston (Photo by Marian Stanton)

It's good to see the protests around the nation at airports and other places opposing Trump's Muslim travel ban. Interesting how seven Muslim countries are on the' bad list' but not ones that have Trump hotels/investments.

I can't help but wonder though where all these masses of Americans were when Obama for the last eight years was bombing Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Syria that ultimately created this refugee crisis.  It would be nice if we had some evidence that these liberal Democrats (now hitting the streets in droves) were making these connections.  We can always hope......

I can't imagine that this first chaotic week for the Trump train wreck will get much different as we go along.  His 'base' of support is likely thrilled with him so far but outside of that the nation is never going to warm up to him and his policies.  Will we just increasingly become an even more divided nation?  What possible way could we ever be united again?  Climate change maybe?  Oh, that doesn't exist.....

Give Trump credit for killing the TPP trade deal.  Give him credit for talking with Putin and hope that he is serious about wanting positive relations with Russia.

But on the other hand all signs show that Trump is going to ratchet up tensions with China.  It will be most interesting to see how Russia and Iran respond if the US gets into a shooting match with Beijing.

Another thing to watch is whether Trump tries to make a preemptive move on North Korea.  That could seriously trigger regional war.

Israel still wants Iran taken out so keep your eye on that ball.  The video interview below with Lawrence Wilkerson (former Army officer and Colin Powell's Chief of Staff) talks a bit about Iran.  At the very end of the video Wilkerson speculates about a False Flag event being created to justify ending the Iran nuclear deal (although he mistakenly says Iraq).

It's clear that Israel holds much sway with Trump which is more than dangerous.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

It's an "o my God" awakening event. Austin is right now experiencing it, as in today. There's an annual Islamic lobbying event, and The Rag, Texas' premiere anti-establishment publication, is calling for a protective human shield, to counter an expected "conservative" (who conserve absolutely nothing) actual physical attack. Texas is the place where you can carry a rifle, shotgun and presumably machine gun without any licensing, but you need a concealed weapon permit to carry a bow and arrow, spear, slingshot or a knife regardless of blade length which doesn't fold up. Just to, you know, gauge the general mood of the Reactionaries.

And some openly express the notion that blacks, hispanics and native americans are indistinguishable from Arabs. They're not overly fond of Jewish people either.

There's that song about "I watch CNN but can't tell you the difference between Iraq and Iran" and I don't recall if that's by Toby Keith but I do recall that he was part of the entertainment at the inaugural flustercluck.

To be fair, I have a great deal of difficulty distinguishing between redneck singers. Although Dolly Parton and the Dixie Chicks did make an impression on me. The event at the Capitol is going on now.

1/31/17, 11:59 AM  

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