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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kiev's Shelling of Donbass Increasing.....Again

A very moving video from eastern Ukraine (Donbass) where the US puppet government in Kiev in recent weeks has been escalating their shelling of civilian targets.  The goal of the Kiev regime is to kill enough civilians near the Ukrainian border with Russia to force Moscow to intervene in the Donbass.  If that happened the US-NATO would then have their excuse for even more military operations along the Russian border.

At this moment a friend of mine has a son in Western Ukraine where the US military is training the newly created 'Ukrainian National Guard' which is largely made up of neo-Nazi types who are followers of Stepan Bandera who as a Ukrainian nationalist that supported Hitler's invasion of Russia during WW II.  The US is training and arming these Bandera forces and then sending them to eastern Ukraine to make war on their fellow citizens.  This has been going on since the US led coup in Kiev in 2014.

Former US Vice-President Joe Biden was his administration's lead man on Ukraine.  Every time Biden made a trip to Kiev it was not usually long before a new round of attacks on eastern Ukraine would begin.  Just four days before the inauguration of Trump, Biden made his last trip to Kiev.  During a speech while there he implored Ukraine to "stand up to Russia".  Once again the shelling has picked up.

The Poroshenko led regime in Kiev is as corrupt as any in the world and Ukraine is now coming apart at the seams as IMF-World Bank loans have required the privatization of national assets.  Growing unemployment is forcing people to leave the country to seek work but the EU is not eager to take in these Ukrainian refugees as Europe already has their hands full with those fleeing other US-NATO regime change disasters in Libya and Syria.

The US-NATO are desperate to do everything possible to create regime change in Moscow.  It should be remembered that Russia has the world's largest supply of natural gas.  Due to climate change and the melting of the Arctic ice the western mega-fossil fuel extraction corporations are itching to get their hands on that whole region.  Here in Maine our own Sen. Angus King has been very vocal about the need to build more icebreakers in order to 'open' up the Arctic for corporate operations.

The problem is that Russia has the largest land border with the Arctic making it difficult for the western powers to take total control of the vast territory.  Thus we hear the calls inside the American oligarchies to force Putin out of power.  The ultimate goal is the breakup of the Russian Federation into smaller constituent nations giving the oil barons a better shot at the undersea black gold now becoming available as the ice sheet melts.

Of course this a dangerous and provocative strategy. Russia (a nuclear power) is not quite willing to surrender to the US-NATO expanding war machine.  Ukraine sits in the middle of this growing conflict zone and the western powers don't mind sacrificing the civilians in the Donbass as long as it helps to topple the government in Moscow.



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