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Thursday, January 12, 2017

US-NATO Turning Poland into War Hub

US-NATO tanks on their way (at the level crossing of Gruenwalder Street in Guben, Germany) to Poland for the ultimate war with Russia.  US-NATO want to try to finish what Hitler was not able to do when he invaded the Soviet Union during WW II.  Over 27 million were killed in the Soviet Union as they barely (with not much help from the US) defeated the Nazi Army.

This is not being reported in the mainstream media as we are all distracted with everything Trump.

People, even in the peace movement, are not yet taking this seriously.

Just like Okinawa, where I am now protesting at US bases and is called an 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' for the US, Poland is being turned into a war operations hub.

If a shooting war starts and Russia is attacked by US and NATO then Europe will be turned into burning ruins. Unlike most countries that the US has attacked Russia can actually fight back.  The US would be counter-attack by Russia and would suffer a similar radioactive fate.

At the same time the US (and an expanding NATO alliance that is making Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand 'partners') is encircling China.

The US wants to take down Russia and China - the US can't stand any competitors on the world scene and knows that they must move now toward regime change in Moscow and Beijing because given another 10 years both of those nations will be too strong to take down.  Russia and China are calling for a multi-polar world rather than the current uni-polar world with the USA on top.

The US is making a colossal mistake here and it could very possibly lead to WW III.

Wake up world and smell the coffee.  Resist and survive now before it is too late!

Call for an end to US military empire.



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