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Sunday, September 13, 2015

U.S. Puppet in Kiev Reads His Script

The US-NATO puppet Poroshenko dutifully reads the lines written for him by the public relations team in Washington and Brussels.

His bragging about having one of the "one of the strongest and one of the bravest armies on the continent" is worth a good laugh.

He does tell the truth when he says the drama is still far from over as the US Army will be staying in western Ukraine to train Poroshenko's "brave" Army as it continues to attack innocent civilians in the eastern Donbass near the Russian border.  These US directed war crimes are disguised as a fight against an aggressive Russia but take away the US-NATO and the fighting stops immediately.

He can pretend to be a man of peace but his daily deeds reveal himself to be nothing more than an agent of the western corporate controlled war machine.


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