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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Financial Totalitarianism in Europe

Left and right wings in European Parliament condemn the EU banksterism system.  European countries are being hollowed out (Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and more) in order for the corporate run IMF-World Bank to flourish.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky in Canada writes:

After having launched a Referendum to refute and refuse the debt bailout agreement put together by the Troika, Prime Minister Tsipras together with his newly instated Finance Minister, comes up four days latter with an austerity package broadly similar to the one which was turned down by the Greek government in June.

This about-turn had been carefully engineered. The Greek people were misled and deceived.

Tsipras had made a deal with the creditors. He was in favor of accepting the demands of the creditors all along.

Tsipras led the “NO” campaign while having already decided that in the wake of the Referendum, he would say YES to the creditors and cave in to their demands. This is tantamount to an Act of Treason.

By Thursday, a document of 13-pages containing concrete reforms and austerity measures was sent to the Troika. The initiative was intended, according to media reports  ”to act as a foundation to free up a new three-year, 53.5-billion euro bailout package to save the nation from bankruptcy”.

These proposals outlined in the 13 page document spell disaster for Greece.

They involve massive tax hikes, a drastic reduction in public sector wages, cuts in pensions including an increase in the retirement age to 67, the privatization of state assets including public utilities and infrastructure: “The government will look at selling off state assets and will get the ball rolling on privatizing the electricity grid company, regional airports and ports including Pireaus and Thessaloniki.”

See the full story here

To me this looks like a system of global poverty, unemployment, servility, and slavery being set up by the banksters.  Who is moving to control the food and water?  (Monsanto and Nestle for example.) The US is next up - just listen to presidential candidate Jeb Bush talking about people needing to work longer hours and moving retirement age to 70.  (Hillary Clinton will be our version of Greece's Tsipras to talk a good game but sell us out in the end.) The rich want it all and it appears that the Greek government has surrendered under the pressure.  Just imagine the heart break of the 61% of Greek citizens who voted NO.


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