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Monday, July 13, 2015

Can't Deny the Obvious US-NATO Aggression

This original video was a German interview with Willy Wimmer - former deputy of German Bundestag, former state secretary of German Defense Ministry, former vice president of OSCE.  He's an inside foreign policy player and lays out very clearly how the US has turned on the world in order to implement 'full spectrum dominance' on behalf of corporate interests.

For those still in denial about US intentions around the globe this is a good video to watch.  Remarkably we are presently finding, even amongst the ranks of key 'peace movement' leaders both in the US and around the world, that some are forcefully refusing to take seriously the analysis so well articulated in this video. 

It's rather shocking, as the Pentagon is in hyper-warfare mode on the Russian and Chinese borders, to see some 'professional peaceniks' essentially apologizing for US foreign policy moves and trying to pin the blame on Moscow or Beijing as being responsible to some equal degree for the aggression.

This blocking move by a few helps neutralize the forward organizing motion and articulation by some peace groups at this vital moment.

Wimmer makes the point in the video that in the 1990's when Bill Clinton was president he turned up the volume on NATO expansion toward the Russian border.  Clinton led the attack on and balkanization of Yugoslavia and kept the air war (No Fly Zones) over Iraq going.  When George W. Bush became president he pulled the US out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty with Russia and was responsible for shock and awe in 2003.  Obama has quickened the deployment pace of so-called 'missile defense' systems and NATO expansion along the Russian and Chinese borders that had led to further destabilization in those regions because of the offensive nature of these western operations.

It's all rather hard to miss if one is paying the slightest attention.  For some active peaceniks, who proclaim to be opponents of nuclear war, to now be virtually blind about current US-NATO moves along Russia's border leads one to question their sanity or their motives.  US-NATO expansion around Russia (and lately into the Asia-Pacific with NATO partnerships in Japan, South Korea, and Australia aimed at China) are obviously triggers for a war that could quickly turn nuclear.

Wake up and smell the coffee - or at the very least stop standing in the way as good people try to build opposition to US-NATO aggression.


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