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Thursday, July 02, 2015

USA Get Out of Ukraine!

Hundreds stage protest in front of US embassy in Kiev.

The video above speaks for itself - the movement against US occupation and colonization of Ukraine is growing by the day.  Increasingly citizens in Kiev are showing their determined support for the self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine (Donbass) that are still daily being shelled by Kiev's 'National Guard' (neo-Nazi units). The US Army is currently training Kiev's 'National Guard' in western Ukraine.

Apparently during the training in western Ukraine the food is quite good and the accommodations are to the liking of the US GI's.  (See video below) They even have Wifi so they can let folks back home know they are out supporting 'freedom and democracy' in Ukraine and stopping those terrible Russians next door from invading.

Unfortunately these unsuspecting American GI's don't understand that the 'freedom' they are 'defending' is not really the one they have in their minds.  The corporations that run US foreign and military policy have a very different definition of 'freedom'.

This was illustrated yesterday when US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt spoke at the Fairmont Hotel in Kiev.  Pyatt talked about his upcoming trip to Odessa, Ukraine to visit the new Governor Saakashvili (former President of Georgia now wanted for crimes there who was recently made a Ukrainian citizen and 'appointed' as governor - he is a former student of Harvard College and a favorite US puppet).

Pyatt said in part:  "I'm also delighted that I will be joined by Andy Hunder, the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, and Andy and I will use the opportunity to highlight in a public-private way the support of the American business community also.  And certainly, you have a very large American business footprint already in Odessa and southern Ukraine.  But it's also one of the areas where there's the greatest headroom; because whether its Cargill or Archer Daniels Midland [two big agri-business corporations], all of the food processing guys, everyone who's involved with agriculture, they'd like to be doing more here.  And they are not doing more because of the prohibitive investment climate."

Translation:  The big US-based agri-business giants can't wait to get their hands on all that rich Ukrainian soil for GMO farming.  But deals must be made and laws must be passed that enable full control of these lands by these corporations thus Pyatt, Hunder, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto and the rest of the big boys have serious work to do.  Putting well-worn Saakashvili into the governor seat in Odessa is a key step toward greasing the skids for total corporate control of Ukraine's rich soil - and lots of other 'investment opportunies' as well.

Freedom and democracy indeed!


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