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Monday, June 15, 2015

Three Reasons Why Hillary is a Republican

Bill and Hillary Clinton alongside the Rev. Billy Graham, longtime known as the favorite preacher of the Nixon and Bush families

I'll always remember being on the exercise machine some years ago watching CNN.  They were covering the story of the Rev. Billy Graham's last big Christian revival in a stadium.  In the middle of Graham's sermon he stopped and pointed out Bill and Hillary Clinton sitting in the front row.  Graham said, "Bill, you would have made a great preacher.  Hillary, you are going to make a great president."

This happened before Hillary lost the Democratic party nomination to Obama in the 2008 election.  I've always been convinced that she was supposed to have won that time (with Obama as the Vice-President) but the young folks were excited about Obama and things got out of hand.  But it turned out well for the oligarchy anyway as Obama has continually sold out the American people on behalf of corporate interests and has kept the left mostly demobilized (at least his liberal base anyway) during his two terms.  The oligarchy wanted to develop Obama knowing that in the coming years people of color will be the majority population across the US and if the corporations were to continue their stranglehold on the government they had to come up with candidates who could appeal to this new American demographic.

One of my sisters recently called me and asked me to write this blog post giving "three reasons why Hillary is a secret Republican".  So here we go:

1)  She was long ago publicly endorsed by the Republicans' favorite Christian fundamentalist Rev. Billy Graham.  The day after I saw that particular endorsement of Hillary by Rev. Graham I noted with interest that Bill Clinton made the trip to Kennebunkport, Maine to play golf with George H. W. Bush (daddy Bush).  I took that as a sign that the Clintons were politically linked to the CIA-godfather Bush who was heavily involved in the assassination of JFK.  I've long believed that since the killing of Kennedy no one is allowed to become president unless they are fully under the control of the CIA and corporate oligarchy.  I've written before that as Governor of Arkansas Clinton helped kill an investigation of CIA gun and drugs running through the Mena, Arkansas airport.  So he proved early on to the Bush crime family that he'd play ball with the CIA.  (In order to make the whole democracy thing seem real the CIA has to run both Republican and Democrat horses in every race.)

2)  This recent quote by Hillary indicates that her foreign policy will be more of the same: "No other country [USA] on earth is better positioned to thrive in a XXI century. No other country is better equipped to meet traditional threats from countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran, and to deal with the rise of new powers like China."  Clinton is a hawk and never met a war she didn't like.

3)  In recent days Hillary has tried to get on-board the public outrage over the TPP trade deal that would sell out the sovereignty of the US and other nations that become signers of the corporate trade pact.  Just last night I heard a very weak statement from Clinton where she basically said Congress should "reject the deal or not" which really made no sense.  But it is a typical Clinton-ism as she tries to take both sides which then gives her wiggle room later to justify supporting the deal.


Anonymous Rachel Clark said...

Thank you for your timely blog. I was listening to NPR this morning with my eye brows raising left and right.

I am for women's rights and for female president. But I will NOT vote for Hilary for sure.

6/15/15, 2:07 PM  

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