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Monday, June 29, 2015

Impeach Gov. Rampage

Tuesday, June 30
Augusta State Capital Building


Maine citizens are outraged by the dangerous abuses of power and outrageous behavior of Gov. LePage. We will rally to demonstrate our deep distress as LePage's descended into McCarthyism. This will not be tolerated! We will ask the Legislature to investigate and consider the options, including impeachment of LePage.

Enough is enough!

Who is invited to the Rally? Maine citizens regardless of political affiliation or non-affiliation. You are invited!

What to bring? Bring your children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors. Posters/signs are welcome to show your thoughts.

Who is sponsoring? A grassroots group who will rally as "A Declaration of Conscience." We are nonpartisan and welcome all citizens, Independents, Democrats and Republicans, and Greens to this rally.

United We Stand against LePage's outrageous behavior

Rebecca Halbrook, 914-671-1826


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time all the politicians in Augusta show the citizens they can think fearlessly and with a pinch of integrity and ethics; get rid of Lepage. No investigation or hearings are necessary. No feet shuffling allowed.

7/1/15, 5:28 AM  

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