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Friday, June 26, 2015

On the Rampage in Maine

Maine's self-destructive Gov. Paul LePage is making headlines again

Tea Party Republican Gov. Paul LePage (Rampage) is on the front pages again these days and is currently facing calls for impeachment by a few members of the state legislature.

LePage's most recent act of bullying was to threaten the board of directors of a school for wayward kids with severe cuts in state funding after they had decided to hire the current Democrat leader of the House of Representatives as their new president.  After Gov. Rampage's vindictive reaction to the hiring decision the organization decided to withdraw their job offer to the Democrat House leader prompting newspaper headlines, editorials, and calls for impeachment.

We've been dealing with Rampage's abuses of power for five years and he appears to be collapsing into a fit of self-destruction. He has even begun to threaten fellow Republican party members who are finally having to back away from his over-the-top behavior. In a hand-written note to the Republican State Senate leader the out-of-control governor claimed that his own party had thrown him "under the bus" because they refuse to back him up after he began this month to veto every bill passed inside the legislature - no matter its merit.

Only a man bent on political suicide would begin to publicly denounce his own party, especially when his administration was crashing and burning.

Recently LePage suggested state lawmakers from Lewiston, Maine should be “rounded up and executed in the public square.”

The Bangor Daily News has reported that last Wednesday night, before an audience of about 200 high school students gathered at the annual Boys State convention, LePage said he wanted to shoot a political cartoonist who has drawn unflattering caricatures of the governor for his newspaper’s opinion page. The son of the cartoonist was in the audience.

It's clear that Gov. Rampage is a sick man.  Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature should intervene immediately on behalf of the people of Maine.  Gov. Rampage has gone beyond being a joke and is now a danger to himself and to the public safety.

An online poll today at the Bangor Daily News drew more than 3,000 votes with 78% of respondents supporting impeachment of the wanna-be dictator.

An online petition was created today to support the calls for impeachment and can be signed here


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