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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life Under the US-NATO Backed Shelling of Donetsk

The people of Donesk in eastern Ukraine try to carry on with life while living under the constant shelling by the US-NATO directed Kiev military regime. This shelling is currently being done in violation of the Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement.

This past weekend while I was in NYC for the Peace & Planet conference and march I was shocked to hear one peace activist defend Victoria Nuland who is the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US Department of State. The person told me that those who talk about Nuland's 2013 speech on a stage flanked by logos from Chevron and Exxon, as she thanked the oligarchy for their support in helping to instigate the coup d'etat in Kiev, were being unfair.  The activist had "checked the online records of the $5 billion expenditure Nuland talks about that funded the operation and each penny that went to non-profits and other groups in Ukraine was accounted for".  Those who side with Putin the activist said, reminding me of a 1950's red-baiting attack, are obviously supporting Russian oligarchs.

I had to catch my breath as I was stunned to hear these words from this person.  I could only ask this question:  Do the people in eastern Ukraine have the right to defend themselves against the constant shelling from the Kiev regime knowing this war on the people of Donbass is being funded and directed by the US-NATO?  The activist hemmed and hawed and finally someone approached us and I staggered away.  I know that the money that Nuland handed out in Kiev was used to set up, pay for, encourage, enable and direct the so-called 'Maidan revolution' that kicked-off this provocative war on Russia's border.

Learning about the deep underside of Ukraine during the past year has helped me understand my own country much better.  As I watch the take down and destruction of Ukraine I can more easily see the future here in the US. 

This current regime change policy on Russia's doorstep is coming out of Washington and both political parties are complicit in the process.  Many 'liberal Democrats' who support this war project are allied to so-called progressive foundations that fund many NGO's.  Thus just like what happened in Kiev with Nuland's $5 billion, funds will be used across the US and throughout the west, to bring some organizations, scholars and activists to a particular position.  This is the way Washington and its CIA-Pentagon-National Endowment for Democracy-Soros apparatus operates. 


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