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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Help Fund the 'No Drones' TV Ads

The boards (directors and advisers) of the Global Network recently agreed to send $500 to help sponsor these remarkable 'No Drone' TV commercials across the nation in communities that have a drone operations base.

Nick Mottern at KnowDrones writes:

On February 27, this first-ever TV commercial began a week-long run on various cable channels in Las Vegas, NV, including CNN and MSNBC, showing viewers living near the Creech AFB drone control center what they probably have never seen before – children killed and mutilated by U.S. drones.  It’s graphic but necessary.

On Mar 31, the same commercial began a month’s run on CNN, MSNBC and even FoxNews in and around Beale AFB outside Sacramento, CA, a base critical to supporting U.S. killer drone operations.

Coverage of the TV ads in the Sacramento Bee, the major paper in northern California, led to another story in the Air Force Times
 And on it goes......

If you'd like to contribute to keep these TV ads on the air just click here


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