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Thursday, May 15, 2014


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler got permission from Congress to give the Internet to the corporations.  He is more than happy to do the job. He's the bag man.

Fire Sale

It's all about looting.

The corporations
Mr. Big
are lined up and ready
to feast

it's  a fire sale
and the people's
the Internet
is on the block
to be chopped
and handed out
to the already
rich and greedy

it's a fire sale

there is an emergency
in the House
Mr. Big owns it
and now Congress
has decided
to hand him the
keys to the door
and the city
and the national
and the Internet

it's a fire sale

Ukraine, Greece
African continent
'vital resources'
cheap labor

Mr. Big wants
it all
and he is gonna get it
because he now owns
the Internet

and the people hardly
raise a voice
they are too busy
knocking down pills
or gazing at
Dancing with the
or peeking from
round the corner

it's a fairy tale.

* You can watch an excellent action at the FCC meeting by Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Ken Ashe and Tarak Kauff agitating from the back of the room.  C-SPAN caught this coverage and available here


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