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With a new administration in Washington it will be a challenge to get the 'liberals' to hold Biden-Harris to the few 'progressive promises' they made during their campaign. Biden is bringing back many of Bush & Obama's neo-cons to head his foreign policy. I'll be on this case without hesitation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Mourning Time

It's mourning time in America
the sun is up
life imperiled

Indians said
white man is blinded
by his love for the green frog skin,
dollar bill,
can't see his connection to nature
to all life
watch out for the white man
he is crazy

Once years ago
I saw a bank named Freedom
and finally realized
what the oligarchy meant
when they used the word

Much of the world understands
this about America
the myth about democracy
really means we bring freedom
for Mr. Big
to dominate the rest of the planet

I'm mourning here in America
for our lost souls
for those we bring suffering to,
in the name of freedom

Freedom for who?
What is it?
The one with the most $$$

I'm mourning in America


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