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Saturday, May 31, 2014


This documentary is a must watch because it answers many questions.

The first part gives us an inside look at the fascist forces being mobilized in western Ukraine.  You see them marching, chanting pro-Nazi slogans and calling for the death of Russians.

If you can only watch bits then I highly recommend the following:

* At 28 minutes you see the start of the recent Nazi attack on the union hall in Odessa.

* At 36 minutes you see the fascists thugs going inside the union hall to kill those who had ran into the building to escape the attack.  These people, who were calling for a national referendum to give rights to those opposing the US-NATO installed regime in Kiev, had a peaceful camp established outside of the union hall before they were attacked.

* At 40 minutes you see the famous fascist 'shooter' taking aim and firing at those inside the now burning union hall.
* Just after 50 minutes you hear testimony from someone who had been inside the building.
* At 52:34 minutes you see an interview with a severely injured man inside a hospital.
* At 1:01:17 you hear the detailed testimony of another man who was inside the building and was one of the few to survive the attack by the fascists.

The US-NATO spokespeople to this day still deny that the Nazi's were the killers of the people in Odessa.  Even some on the left seem to remain confused about this important event.

Many of these same Right Sector and Svoboda party fascists have now been bought into the Ukraine "National Guard" and are today, under the funding and direction of US-NATO, attacking their own fellow citizens in Eastern Ukraine because they have Russian blood.

This story must be shared and understood by the whole world.  To allow this kind of Nazi killing to go without legal action and international condemnation will ensure it will happen again and again.


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