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Friday, May 16, 2014


It's a Jungle Out There

The cracks in the road
as the grass
and weeds
pop their heads up
nature has its ways

Even in our darkest
we should look to nature
for answers
about how to live life
but we forget....

Our connection to the
has been severed
like a lost arm
or a broken heart
by 'modern' life

we are taught to
'go it alone'
and many of us
have tried
but come up searching
for something
and of value

life can be so hard
it gets lonely
at times
we often give up
because we are so
and weak
all by ourselves

The weeds pop thru
human made obstacles
in bunches
nature knows
that power comes from unity

the only way to defeat
the dark forces
against nature
is to do it


OpenID riseuptimes said...

author must be you, then.

nice poem.

true also of the dark forces of empire that go against our human nature

5/18/14, 11:28 AM  

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