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Saturday, May 03, 2014


Union hall in Odessa burns after fascist Right Sector forces, working on behalf of the Kiev government put in power by the US-EU, set fire to it.  Some 46 died in the flames or from jumping out of the burning building.

Unrest erupted on Friday, May 2, with a mass fight started by football fans from Kharkiv, Right Sector radicals and members of the so-called “Maidan self-defense” force from Kiev, who had decided to march along the streets of Odessa, thus provoking clashes with the supporters of Ukraine’s federalisation.

Obama and the EU leaders blame Russia and Putin for this.  The truth is that the Kiev military mobilization against eastern Ukraine began after US CIA director Brennan and V-P Biden made recent trips to Kiev likely instructing them to advance onto protesters in the east.

No doubt in my mind that the US-EU are baiting the bear, trying to get Russia to respond to protect the people in the east which would then give NATO "the pretext" to make an attack on Russia.

Watch in this video above how EU politicians try to make it seem like it was pro-Russian forces who set fire to the union hall.  The height of arrogance and hypocrisy.  Who could ever believe a word these bastards say again!

You can see the Right Sector nationalists enjoying themselves as they set fire to the union building in Odessa and take shots at those who refuse to turn Ukraine over to MR. Big and his fascist agents.

What struck me the most is that the police appear to sit back until the damage is done before they  'gently' move in near the end of this video.  In the whole video you never hear or see a fire truck.... strange in a big city like Odessa.  The US-EU controlled 'government' in Kiev must have blocked the fire trucks - all part of the script that was written for this day.

Watching it I said to myself..... this is the beginning of WW III.


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