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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Israeli Homeland Security (iHLS) interviews Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA) Chairman Riki Ellison about American and Israeli missile defense.

Ellison's expertise appears to come from being a former pro-football linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers where they used to put up defenses against the 'long bomb'.....other than than I can't figure out why he is the 'leading citizen proponent' of MD.

The truth is that the aerospace industry needs some kind of 'grassroots' base to promote MD.  Since there is not really any out there the industry funds Ellison to travel around the world to shill for the program.  Because of his football celebrity many doors are opened for him including recently when he testified before a congressional committee where he called for greater funding for MD.

His absurd claim that the US needs MD to guard against North Korea is belied by the fact that he is constantly promoting NATO expansion and MD deployments to encircle Russia and China.


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