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Friday, April 12, 2024

The West wants to create peace without Russia


Bern, Thursday, April 11, 2024 (MB)

An American-inspired summit on peace in Ukraine will be held in Switzerland on June 15-16. US President Joe Biden is also planning to attend, the Hungarian Peace Community correspondent reported, referring to the Bern government's announcement on Thursday.

The conference will be aimed at establishing "a forum for a high-level dialogue on ways to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine in accordance with international law and the UN Charter," the government said. "It aims to create a common understanding of a framework favourable to this objective and a concrete roadmap for Russia's participation in the peace process."

The words referring to international law and lasting peace are in particular contradiction with the actual practice of the organizers of the conference: Russia was not invited to the conference, but Ukraine was. According to observers, this indicates that the purpose of the Bern meeting is not to recognize the legitimacy of Moscow's security demands put forward on December 15, 2021, and to seek a compromise based on the principle of equal and mutual security, but rather to try to force Russia to the so-called Zelensky formula: the withdrawal of Russian troops and the restoration of Ukraine's borders before February 24, 2022.

At the American-inspired "peace summit", by referring to international law and the UN Charter, they want to bypass Russia's demand to guarantee its security, which is in line with international law and the UN Charter.


Although the Swiss government, which [will host] the "peace summit", essentially identified with the Western position, and for this reason the Russians rejected its offer to mediate, it now shows some willingness to take into account the 18-point peace plan that Russia and Ukraine initialed in Istanbul in March 2022, but by Zelensky kicked it [away] at the West's behest. The western allies decided to defeat the Russian forces in Ukraine.

As this failed, although hope was still not given up, a Swiss official who did not want to be named told Le Temps that "the Swiss Foreign Ministry can use the peace plan developed under the auspices of Turkey in 2022 to reach a compromise".

According to the source quoted by Le Temps, "the fighting will not end if Russia's position is not taken into account", even if Russia will not be present at the conference. Therefore, according to the newspaper, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs is "investigating various compromise-based options". For example, the ministry "does not rule out drawing inspiration from the peace plan that was developed under the auspices of Turkey at the very beginning of the war, in 2022." This proposal "stipulated that Russia would hold the front line in eastern Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula." He also called for Ukraine to "become neutral with security guarantees". The proposal included "partial demilitarization of Ukraine". 


The "awakening" of Swiss diplomacy seems a little late, taking into account the changes that have occurred on the battlefield and in world politics since 2022: the strengthening of Russia's position on both the military and diplomatic fronts, observers believe.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that as time goes by, there will be less and less room for maneuver for Kyiv, and it has indicated that after the war, "Ukraine will not remain the same." (See:

Russia has not given up, and - according to the signs - it will not give up on its triple goal in relation to Ukraine, de-Nazification, demilitarization and neutralization of Ukraine, nor the creation of a new Eurasian security system based on cooperation rather than confrontation.

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