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Monday, January 30, 2023

Suspension of diplomatic relations with Ukraine demanded in Budapest


Hungarian Community for Peace

A demonstration took place in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Budapest on Saturday with the participation of right and left political parties and civil organizations. Regardless of their party affiliation, the demonstrators jointly demanded that the Orbán government take action to protect the Transcarpathian Hungarians and condemned the regime in Kyiv, which disregards the lives of Hungarians.

The president of the Hungarian Community for Peace, Endre Simó said the following in his speech:

I greet you with respect, because you are standing up for the lives of our Hungarian compatriots against the Kiev Nazis!

We have come here, in front of Zelenskyi's Ukrainian representation in Hungary, so that they can hear what we have to say.

Your system must perish because you cannot live in peace not only with Russia, but also with your own peoples. Blood sticks to your hands! The life of 13 thousand Donbas Russians. The lives of at least a hundred thousand Ukrainian soldiers, including many hundreds of Hungarians. They were sent to the meat grinder to protect yourselves and your disgraceful regime. You ooze hatred for anyone who refuses to submit to you and Ukrainians with a superiority complex. It is not enough that a few years ago you classified your peoples into indigenous and non-indigenous categories, declared the Transcarpathian Hungarians a foreign nation, and denied them the opportunity to live as Hungarians, now you are even  exterminating them! The men are rounded up in the street, and bayonets are pointed at them, and they are driven to the front slaughterhouse like animals. The genocidal Kiev regime is trying to save its skin at the cost of Hungarian lives, while trying to convince the world that it is protecting the free world and Christian civilization.


We did not come here to demand that those who are waiting for the sinkhole of history to come to their senses and improve. We are not dealing with scoundrels who have sold their souls to the devil to savage their own people and rule over others. They must bear the consequences of their actions! That they became NATO's battering ram to tear apart the country that Hitler failed to bring to its knees. Nothing is dear to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, least of all the lives of Hungarians! They want NATO to send an army to Ukraine. They would benefit if Hungary intervened in the defense of Transcarpathia. In the eyes of America's puppet, the end justifies the means, the preservation of the Nazi system with the help of NATO.

We came here to demand action from the Hungarian government against the Ukrainian leadership. Enough of the words, the cursing! Actions are needed! We demand that Hungary suspend its diplomatic relations with Kiev! The Hungarian government should stop funding the Kyiv regime immediately! Don't give money to the anti-Hungarian Ukrainian leadership! Hungary should not provide financial or armed support to Ukraine until Kyiv stops its aggressiveness against the Transcarpathian Hungarians! (Not even a week ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, announced that even though the transfer of arms is against Hungary's interests, the government will not stand in the way of the EU giving Kyiv an additional 500 million euros in arms support.) In short, our government openly admits that it is acting against our national interests! Does he really expect us to applaud him? We will not! Rather, we demand that the restoration of Hungarian-Ukrainian diplomatic relations, which is proposed to be severed, requires the recognition of Transcarpathia's self-determination! In the meantime, let Viktor Orbán make an agreement with Moscow on the provision of asylum for those Hungarian soldiers in the Transcarpathians who are not willing to fight against the Russians, but surrender to them!


Don't justify your inaction with the government's commitments to NATO and the EU! No one was authorized by the Hungarian people to give weapons and finance a system that threatens the lives of Hungarians! "The Ukrainian authorities have the right to enlist the Transcarpathians, as Ukrainian laws apply to them," the Orbáns defend themselves. So shall we let their right triumph over our most sacred national interest, our existence, our survival, our lives?

We came here today because for us the lives of the Hungarians come before the rights of the Kiev Nazis!

Kyiv's attack on Transcarpathia is an attack on all Hungarians. With its silence and inaction, the Hungarian government may become an accomplice of the Ukrainian regime, which sooner or later must answer for its war crimes!

Our place is on the Transcarpathian side, not on Kiev!

Long live Transcarpathia and its suffering people! Long live those who fight to free Transcarpathia from the neo-Nazi yoke and to be able to freely decide who they want to live with in the future! Long live the Hungarian people, who want to be in peace and in good relations with both the East and the West, making their historical dream come true: a Hungary outside the bloc, independent and free from foreign interference. 


The situation in Transcarpathia is for Hungarians similar to the situation for Russians in Donbass. Despite being within the Ukrainian territory, the region is marked by very different characteristics from the rest of the country, with a Hungarian ethnic and cultural predominance. For Kiev, this apparently sounds like a threat, as Hungary refuses to support the neo-Nazi regime against Russia and could encourage Transcarpathia’s residents to do the same. Therefore, the Zelensky government is planning a “final solution” for Transcarpathia, in order to avoid Hungarian separatism or annexation. By systematically sending recently mobilized and militarily untrained ethnic Hungarians to the front, Kiev is provoking a true genocide, as virtually all Transcarpathians are dying during the combats.


Anonymous Jon said...

Thanks for this informative post, Bruce. New information here. Nazism is essentially a suicidal nihilistic political orientation everywhere.

1/30/23, 1:17 PM  

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