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Saturday, January 28, 2023

What is NAT-O?


I was on the street again last Thursday in downtown Brunswick, Maine during the noon hour rush.

Because of the big snows we had this past week my usual protest cat-bird spot was not available as the city had piled up snow there since they had run out of places to push it.

So I found a spot on one corner at a busy intersection but had to clear snow with my boots in order to make a safe place to stand.

While standing there with my sign 'NATO is Offensive' a woman stopped her car at the traffic light, rolled down her window, and shouted to me over the traffic noise, 'What is NAT-O'?  

I yelled back 'NATO' and she said 'Oh, I thought it was a good thing'.

Having now been on the street with 'No war with Russia' signs twice a week since mid-February I can say with confidence that most Americans have no clue.

A couple weeks ago one working class Mainer was waiting at the light next to where I was standing and said he agreed with us. I asked him what he thought the general public was saying about Ukraine and he said, 'They don't read. They don't know what is going on.' His words were right on.

Some of the Fazebook posts I see are from people who make really uninformed statements about Russia, Putin, Ukraine and US-NATO policies. Generally you can tell who is following the story closely and has some perspective since the 2014 US directed coup in Kiev. Those that don't know these details just spout out talking points that come straight from the mainstream media which faithfully spreads the lies they get from the CIA.

I am very worried these days. Months ago the US-NATO said they would not give battle tanks to Ukraine. Now that has changed. Currently they are saying they won't give war planes to Zelensky's collapsing army but I've learned not to trust anything Washington-London-Brussels- Berlin-Paris ever say. 

All the real news from the battle front in eastern Ukraine (near the Russia border) is that Kiev's army is backpedaling and losing huge amounts of US-NATO military hardware and thousands of their troops. Recent stories have revealed that Poland has sent thousands of troops into the fight and they are being killed in big numbers. Zelensky has ordered the rounding up of anyone on the streets of Ukraine between the ages of 16-65 to be sent to the front lines without real military training.

Poland is now saying they've been asked by Kiev to send male refugees who fled into Poland back to Ukraine so they can be used as more cannon fodder. Surely Washington is issuing these marching orders.

I got a message this week from a Hungarian peace organization. They wrote:

Our Hungarian brothers living in Transcarpathia are used as cannon fodder by the Kiev regime. They are sent by the thousands to sure death. They want to protect the anti-Hungarian Ukrainian neo-Nazi power with them. What is happening in Transcarpathia is an attack against Transcarpathia and the entire Hungarian nation. We will not let them wipe out our blood! We invite all Hungarian patriots to a demonstration in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Budapest on Saturday, January 28 at 11 a.m.
These desperate measures to grab citizens from Ukraine's neighboring nations and send them into this war is not going to do Kiev any good long term. It's a bad public relations strategy.

The German public did not want to send their battle thanks to Ukraine but the political elite ignored them. So much for democracy! 

Estonia is considering including 155 mm cluster artillery among its military aid to Ukraine, the country’s Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur told the national TV and radio broadcaster ERR on January 26. Cluster bombs are illegal under international law.

The US-NATO want to keep this war hot because the MIC is making big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Washington wants Russia to bleed badly since the goal is to destroy as much of Ukraine as possible knowing they will create a failed state on Russia's border. Just like in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Yemen.

US-NATO created this mess and they are losing. They are getting desperate and shoveling any thing and everything toward Kiev's failing military operation.

The big question for all of us is at what point will the US-NATO use nukes in a vain attempt to rescue their failed war project?

It surely is time for the public to get educated about what is actually going on. Our lives depend on it.

Maybe its also time for the government gatekeepers inside the 'peace movement' to be exposed as the water-carriers they truly are. Don't think for a moment that Mr. Big has not placed agents inside all of the social movements. Far too much is at stake to leave things to the great unwashed to deal with on their own. (Remember COINTELPRO during the 1960s.)

We know there are Pentagon warehouses full of GI's sitting at computers acting as trolls to spread the warmongers hate and lies. That is the country we live in these days.



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