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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Who benefits from pipeline sabotage?



The two Russian pipelines Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 were hit in the last 24 hours.

NS-1 was shut down weeks ago by Russia due to Germany not repairing it as called for in their contract with Russia.

NS-2 had never been turned on after it was recently completed due to US pressure on Germany to stay in line on US-EU sanctions against Russia.

Both pipelines deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany and beyond.

During the entire time that NS-2 was under construction Washington tried to destroy the deal but failed. The US was able though to get Germany to rule out starting the pipeline. Washington instead wanted Europe to purchase fracked gas (LNG) from US drillers even though it would be much more expensive due to shipping costs.

I've read today that it could take quite a while to fix the two pipelines that have just been sabotaged. Who benefits from this? The US is already trying to pin it on Russia. Typical MO from the CIA.

Many in the German public have been calling on their government to turn on NS-2. That will now be impossible. The Germans are being locked into a cold box.

One can begin to imagine why Russia has so little trust for the US-UK-NATO.





This article here contends the following:

The military operation on Monday night which fired munitions to blow holes in the Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II pipelines on the Baltic Sea floor, near Bornholm Island,  was executed by the Polish Navy and special forces.

It was aided by the Danish and Swedish military; planned and coordinated with US intelligence and technical support; and approved by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.


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